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Soul Steps
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Common and
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What if there were a "seemingly magical way" for you
to become the best YOU?
What if you could experience that greater YOU by following
some techniques presented by Jyude Allbright?
What if you chose "Be-ing Recovered" and allowed yourself to
recover & re-member the true YOU?


Jyude Allbright is an "Addiction Alchemist," who uses her wizardry to help people who are seeing themselves as powerless in their addictions and struggles, regain their power easily and joyfully. She contributes by destroying the common belief, "No pain, no gain."
Through her books, articles, workshops, and unorthodox approach to addictions and relationships, she assists people to reclaim their rightful places as infinite beings playing on this planet. She is also available for group or private sessions plus family interventions.
Jyude incorporates her experiences as an Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, NLP Master Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Feng Shui consultant, addictions counselor, certified prevention specialist, ESS facilitator (Eleuthera Synchrotize System), and secondary school teacher in all of her sessions.
Are you concerned that a loved one might be destroying himself or herself?
Would you like some help in helping that loved one?
Could you allow Jyude to assist YOU with details to help relieve your stress?

Intervening with a Loved One

An intervention is a gift of love from one soul to another, even though it often feels like a betrayal. It is a soul rescue. No one wishes to appear to be trapped in an addiction or destroy himself or herself; it is the ego that is afraid and appearing to be out of control. Jyude meets twice for about two hours with those intervening and at the third meeting, the actual intervention takes place. She will travel to you. Please call or email for specifics and pricing.

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